Love to cook but don't have time to marinate our beef once you get home? Then our fresh seasoned tri tip is the answer!

Fresh, seasoned and ready to grill or roast, Harris Ranch fresh seasoned beef makes serving great tasting beef easy. Our easy-to-follow cooking directions and pop-up timers mean you'll never overcook or undercook Harris Ranch beef.

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Harris Ranch Fresh Seasoned Beef Tri Tip

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Santa Maria Tri Tip

Harris Ranch and Pappy’s—two California favorites—have come together to bring you the Harris Ranch Fresh Seasoned Santa Maria Tri Tip. A traditional blend of salt, pepper and garlic. We use a specialized vacuum tumbling marinade process for superior tenderness and flavor throughout. Each tri tip contains a pop-up timer to ensure a perfectly done roast every time.

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Santa Maria Tri Tip Sales Sheet (PDF)

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