Harris Ranch Beef Company

With annual sales in excess of $600 million, Harris Ranch Beef Company is one of the largest functionally integrated beef producers in the Western United States.
As the processing and marketing arm of our beef division, Harris Ranch Beef Company is proud to have established one of the first branded beef programs in the country in 1982.

Harris Ranch partners with dozens of the West’s most progressive ranching families to produce cattle to our quality specifications.

Our retail, foodservice and export divisions benefit from our beef production system, which helps ensure the quality of our beef.

Aerial of Harris Ranch Beef Company: buildings, full parking lot, trees

Harris Ranch’s beef production system features:

  • Cattle humanely and sustainably raised by Harris Ranch and our ranching partners
  • Cattle are grass raised and grain finished for superior quality
  • Facility consultation and training on livestock handling techniques provided by Dr. Temple Grandin
  • Feed nutritionally balanced and tested for pesticide residues
  • Antibiotics are used only in a therapeutic manner to treat cattle that require medical attention

The beef division of Harris Ranch annually produces and markets in excess of 200 million pounds of beef, making us the largest, functionally integrated beef operation in California.

Harris Ranch’s expansive product line includes:

Harris Feeding Company

Harris Ranch operates one of the largest cattle finishing facilities in the Western United States. With a feedlot covering nearly 800 acres, Harris Feeding Company has a capacity to feed and finish up to 120,000 head of cattle at one time.

Aerial of Harris Ranch Feed Lot

Cattle feeding cycle:

  • 16-24 months grazing on grasses on ranges or pastureland
  • 3-4 months in feedlot to reach approximately 1,250 pounds

Harris Ranch Feeding Company pays meticulous attention to feeding practices. Feeding cattle a nutritionally balanced diet of grains produces flavorful and tender high-quality beef.

Feed ingredients include:

  • Steamed Midwestern corn
  • Alfalfa hay
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • NO animal proteins
  • NO pesticide residues

Genuine cowboys ride the pens each day to monitor animal welfare.

Livestock welfare and safety practices include:

  • Large, shaded, outdoor pens
  • Sprinklers to reduce dust and cool cattle
  • Parasitic wasps to aid in biological fly control
  • Routinely scraped pens
  • Composting of waste material
  • Washing of cattle transport trucks between each load


Since the 1930s, Harris Ranch has remained focused on producing the best tasting, most wholesome products for customers across the globe. Located in California’s Central Valley, Harris Ranch is well equipped to serve the needs of our retail, foodservice, ecommerce, and export customers. Our tradition of quality is evident—you can truly taste the difference with Harris Ranch.

The Harris family grew beyond their agricultural roots and, together with the visionary management team at Harris Ranch, built the sophisticated, state-of-the-art cattle feeding and beef processing companies now under the ownership of the Coelho family. Our diversified business has become the largest cattle feeder, beef processor, and beef marketer in California.


Over the years, Harris Ranch has pioneered several innovations in the beef industry.

Continuing innovation at Harris Ranch keeps us competitive in the beef industry. We stay informed of cutting-edge research regarding matters that concern consumers. Harris Ranch is a leader in animal welfare practices and environmental sustainability, and we maintain the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance.

Harris Ranch continually strives to produce the highest quality beef in the world.