Lawful (Halal) and Good Beef

We welcome retail customers to visit our Products page for a comprehensive list of Harris Ranch Beef programs, including our Halal Beef program and other products available for your supermarkets.


Trusted and experienced Muslims oversee and carry out the processing of Harris Ranch Halal Beef. Amin Attia, former president of the Islamic Center of Central California (Masjid Fresno), has supervised and certified our Halal Beef program since it was established in 1992.

Mr. Attia has been slaughtering Halal meat according to strict Islamic requirements for the Muslim Communities of California since 1986. His experience, knowledge and honesty have earned him trust and certification for this task.

The method Mr. Attia uses for Halal slaughter has been approved and licensed by the highest Islamic Institution in the world, Al-Azhar El-Sharif Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, and the Islamic Service Center of America (ISCA).

Not all products produced by Harris Ranch are available as Halal.

For questions, store locations or orders, please contact:

Amin Attia

What is Halal?

The term “Halal” is an Arabic word meaning lawful or allowed in accordance to the Islamic law. In the Islamic faith, God (Allah) says “O people! Eat what is on earth, lawful (Halal) and good…” (Al-Quran 2:168)

Access our brochure here for more information about certification of our Halal beef products.

Animals for Halal beef will be:

  • Healthy animals with no blood clots within the veins
  • Treated with mercy and respect
  • Humanely handled during all aspects of production
  • Blessed with the name of God (Allah) prior to slaughter

Harris Ranch Halal Beef is:

  • Approved for export to all Muslim countries
  • Available in USDA Choice and USDA Select grades
  • Minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients
  • Grass raised and grain finished for exceptional quality

Quality Control Measures

To produce the highest quality and best taste, we transport Midwest-produced corn by the trainload to our feedlot, where it is scientifically formulated into a balanced, nutritious ration.

Our highly trained Quality Assurance staff demands strict adherence to our product specifications and food safety standards.