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What is beef grading?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers the beef-grading program and certifies the score given each cut of beef.

USDA inspectors determine the quality rating of beef by considering the following characteristics:

  • Amount of marbling in the ribeye muscle (lean) portion
  • Maturity (age) of the beef carcass

Typically, younger beef with greater ratios of marbling score higher grades.

Harris Ranch beef is available in all three beef grades:

  1. Prime has the most marbling.
    Usually sold to high-end restaurants, Prime beef may also be featured at specialty meat markets and some supermarkets.
  2. Choice has a little less marbling than Prime.
    Choice is the most widely available grade in the market.
  3. Select has the least amount of marbling.
    With less fat in the muscle, Select beef is leaner but a little less juicy and flavorful than Choice and Prime.

What is Marbling?

Have you noticed the white streaks and flecks of fat within the lean sections of meat that create a marble-like pattern? Known as marbling, this intramuscular fat gives beef its flavor, juiciness and tenderness. In general, the more marbling you see, the better the cut.

Marbling does not refer to the layer of fat on the outside of the steak or roast, which can be trimmed away.

Certain cuts of meat naturally have more marbling than others.

Cuts with the most marbling:

  • Beef rib
  • Short loin

Cuts with the least marbling:

  • Beef round
  • Sirloin

Know your beef cuts.

Porterhouse Steak

The King of the T-Bones offering the best of both worlds! The Porterhouse provides a prized and plentiful portion of tender filet mignon on one side of the “T-shaped” bone and the unmatched flavor of a strip steak on the other side.

uncooked cut of beef - porterhouse steak

T-bone Steak

The T-Bone is really two steaks in one. Known for the “T-shaped” bone, it combines the savory flavor of the strip steak on one side plus a tender, juicy portion of filet on the other. Perfect for grilling!

uncooked cut of beef - t-bone steak

Ribeye Steak
One of the most popular steaks! Boneless ribeye is juicy, extremely flavorful and second to none because of its rich marbling. With the rib bone attached, the ribeye becomes a rib steak that has even more exceptional flavor.

uncooked cut of beef - ribeye steak

New York Steak

Hearty and prized for its distinctly rich flavor, the strip steak, which comes from the loin just behind the rib area, first became associated with New York in 1937 when Delmonico’s Restaurant first opened in Manhattan. A favorite of steak lovers everywhere!

uncooked cut of beef - New York steak

Filet Mignon

Hand carved from the tenderloin, the most tender cut of beef, this elegant cut has exceptional, succulent taste and melt-in-your mouth, buttery tenderness. Truly the ultimate cut of beef!

Two side-by-side cuts of uncooked filet mignon

Baseball Cut Top Sirloin

Carved from the heart of the sirloin, and resembling a baseball in shape, hearty center-cut “baseball” top sirloin steaks are lean but bursting with robust beefy flavor. A BBQ classic!

Two side-by-side cuts of uncooked top sirloin, baseball cut

Tri Tip Roast
From the bottom sirloin, tri tip gets its name from its triangular shape. Known for hearty, beefy flavor, tri tip is perfect for grilling and its tenderness is enhanced when sliced across the grain of the meat. A California classic!

uncooked cut of beef - tri tip roast

Bistro Filet

Also called beef shoulder petite tender, the bistro filet is a seldom used muscle in the shoulder (chuck). It is very similar to beef tenderloin and is second only to the tenderloin filet in terms of tenderness. When sliced into medallions, it is often referred to as petite tender medallions. Delicious roasted or grilled whole.

Uncooked cut of beef - bistro filet

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

At Harris Ranch, we take customer satisfaction seriously and stand behind the quality of all our branded beef products sold through eCommerce, supermarkets, and foodservice outlets. We are committed to providing you with a timely reimbursement for a purchase that did not live up to your expectations.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase of Harris Ranch beef, please let us know by submitting our online Product Comments Form or by calling our Harris Ranch Marketing Department at 1.800.742.1955.