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Jack and Teresa Harris established Harris Farms in Central California in 1937. Jack’s son, John Harris and John’s wife, Carole, oversaw five divisions of Harris Farms for several decades. Still family owned, Harris Feeding Company and Harris Ranch Beef Company are now operated by the Brian Coelho family. Focused on our dynamic future, Harris Ranch remains dedicated to the core values of our iconic brand.

Harris Ranch established a reputation for innovation in the beef industry, pioneering the development of a unique, branded beef program in 1982. One of the most recognized brands on the West Coast for 50 years, Harris Ranch continually strives to produce the highest quality beef in the world. We proudly feature grass raised, grain finished minimally processed beef with no artificial ingredients.

Enjoy Our Beef

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Harris Ranch works with both large and small operators in retail, foodservice and export.

We process the high volumes required by some of the largest retailers and foodservice distributors in the U.S. We also process unique, “produce to order” products for customers who appreciate our flexibility.

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Superior Branded Beef


Harris Ranch has developed a brand synonymous with quality and consistency. Our name provides a point of difference for supermarkets seeking to offer customers premium quality and the value of the west’s most recognized brand of beef. Our advantage in this competitve industry lies in the fact that Harris Ranch controls multiple aspects of beef production, including cattle sources, feeding and finishing at Harris Feeding Company, processing at Harris Ranch Beef Company, and finally, distribution of our world-class beef products. Our expansive product line of fresh boxed beef, value-added ground beef, fresh seasoned beef, fully cooked beef entrees and deli meats is as pure and great-tasting as nature intended.

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Premium Quality


Foodservice operators seeking a superior center-of-the-plate offering need look no further than Harris Ranch Beef. Our beef programs for foodservice include our white tablecloth Natural Black Angus Beef, which is USDA Certified, plus Harris Ranch Certified Premium All Natural Beef — a non-breed specific program. In California we also offer local, California-grown Certified Angus Beef®.

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Animal Welfare


Harris Ranch cares deeply for our livestock and the land. We take pride in how we raise our beef. Harris Ranch partners with progressive cattle ranchers who contribute to rangeland enhancement, protect watersheds, and help build wildlife ecosystems.

Our beef cattle spend approximately 70 to 80 percent of the time grazing on grass on western ranches. Then, at Harris Feeding Company, our cowboys ride our pens daily — rain or shine — to keep a watchful eye on the cattle and examine their state of health.

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Food Safety


Harris Ranch believes quality begins with safety, and we are committed to providing unparalleled levels of both. By implementing stringent quality control measures before, during and after processing our beef, Harris Ranch builds the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance into our beef products.

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