News and InfoClose up of 3 NY steaks on grill. Steaks look ready to come off, have criss cross grill marks. Tongs in shot reaching for steak farthest from the camera

Food Fashion Prediction: Coulottes are in for Spring!

(Selma, CA—March 16, 2017)  —  As the temperature warms, many women are sporting their “culottes”- a short, wide-legged pant.  However, the grill also beckons for “coulottes”—a cut of steak from the top of the top sirloin and shaped like a tri-tip steak.  Harris Ranch Coulotte roasts or steaks are an affordable cut that can be tender when grilled properly, and full of great flavor.  They are a wallet-friendly option for upcoming spring celebrations like Mother’s Day and graduations.

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