News and InfoStocked meat case at Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, Sign above: Harris Ranch Beef Company, All Natural, Grain Fed, USDA Choice. Green tiles on wall with white grout surround meat case. Sign on left says: Fresh Horseradish

Harris Ranch’s Beef to Go is a Must-Stop for Summer Holiday Road Trips

(Coalinga, CA, May 25, 2017)  — This summer California travelers may pick up Beef to go at Harris Ranch, and be ready to grill the ultimate barbecue at their destination.  On all major holiday weekends throughout the summer, the Harris Ranch Country Store, located inside the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant complex, will offer a special deal on specific cuts of beef for the grill.  For the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, two 14 oz. USDA choice Harris Ranch Ribeye steaks will cost just $20.

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